Huauzontle souffle

At school (mestizo cuisine) we prepared a recipe with huauzontle, one of my favourite edible plants. 

The huauzontle is an edible plant from Mexico, which is consumed since the pre-Hispanic era.

It was considered along with amaranth as one of the main crops, after maize, beans and chia.

It was given as a tribute to the Aztecs.

Huauzontle souffle…

The soufflé is a light dish baked in a bechamel sauce combined with other ingredients, which incorporate whites of whipped eggs to the point of snow.

Lets see how to prepare it




50 gr of Manchego cheese 
250gr of huauzontle 
250 ml of hot milk 
40 gr of butter 
30 gr of flour 
2 egg yolks 
3 egg whites 
Salt, pepper, nutmeg 
Ramequines oiled and sprinkled with grated cheese 

How to prepare…

1. In the melted butter fry flour 
2. Add little by little hot milk 
3. Leave to thicken and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg 
4. Cook the huauzontle in boiling water with salt, let it get cold and shell it

5. Add to the white sauce and allow to cool  
6. Add the yolks one by one beating 
7. Preheat oven to 180 gr 
8. Before serving, beat the egg whites to the point of snow and add to the 

9. Fill the prepared molds and bake 20 min 
10. Serve immediately

ENJOY!! :9



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