Xoconostle candy… <3

Xoconostle is a fruit very common in Mexico, people used to use it to prepare sauce, mole, soup and then some candies…Its flavour is acid but delicious when you mix it with more ingredients…

This recipe, was our exam, I had never prepared it but I really loved it!

I think that now is one of my favourites desserts…here I show you the complete recipe so you can enjoy it too… c:

1 kg of xoconostles, removed the skin and seeds, and slice 
1 L of water 
2 cups of sugar 
2 cinnamon slices of 10 cm 
100 g of almonds, peeled and filleted 
100 g of white raisins, chopped 
100 g of nuts , chopped 
300 g goat cheese


  1. Heat the water with the sugar and cinnamon in a deep pan over medium heat.
  2. When it start boiling add the xoconostle and reduce fire. Cook the fruit, it should be soft but firm.
  3. Remove the xoconostle and cinnamon of the cooking liquid; keep this latest fire until  getting the consistency of a light syrup.
  4. Heat the syrup over medium heat and add the xoconostle, almonds, raisins and nuts; let it boil a little bit, remove from heat.
  5. Cool at room temperature.
  6. Soften cheese with your hands and form small balls of the same size and serve. 



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