A Mexican Tradition

Mexico is a country that has the best traditions ever! I love them…because that days means that all the people is together sharing special moments that were important for the people, and what made us be what we are now.

Most of the traditions involves a lot of colors, delicious food (that’s the best part… :9 ), typical dances and ceremonies, representative things about that moment in history…pfff a lot of beautiful and important things…

The tradition I’m going to talk about today is “The Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos)”, celebrated on November 2nd.


It’s a multi-day holiday celebrated annually on the first two days of November. Principally a celebration of both life and death in which families remember, honor and commemorate their deceased loved ones,   remember and honor those who have died.

images (2).jpg

The construction of altars is perhaps the principal custom of this longstanding celebration. Often decorated in vibrant oranges and purples before being piled high with ofrendas (offerings) such as candles, flowers named cempasúchil, Mexicans use them because they believe that this flower helps guide their loved one’s soul back to the world of the living; favourite food and personal possessions, these altars are generally more private affairs that are built at home. However, in many communities such as Pátzcuaro, families construct them right at the graveside of the deceased, and nowadays are also prepared by most public buildings.

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Another thing famous during the Day of the Dead is the delicious pan de muerto. No matter what the name might lead you to think, it’s actually sweet bread, which has ‘bonelike’ decorations atop it and a healthy coating of sugar.

images (1).jpg

A perfect tradition that I enjoy every year…

If you don’t know about Mexico, COME!! It’s a wonderful country



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