A bad service

When a person goes to a restaurant is not just because of the food, he or she wants a nice service, someone who cares about him/her.

Obviously a waiter is not a babysitter, but they can help making the customer feel comfortable in that place. 

In all the cases, the service is the most important thing in a restaurant, because for most of the people, having food not that good, but an excellent service, helps to go back there. 

Waiter is the first face of the restaurant, so they need to show the best the have. So the customer can get the best impression of the place. 

Here we have a list of some things a customer hates about a service:

  • When waiter takes too much time to give the food, and when he arrives, he needs to ask which food is for each person. 
  • When they refers to the customer as “friend”, for example: “Good morning my friend, what would you like to order?” For some people, It is about respect.
  • When they take your glass or your plate even though you have not finished your food, but they think yes, and do it without asking you. 
  • When they give you the bill and you have not asked for it.
  • Dirty restrooms…that’s so nasty.
  • When waiter forgets something you asked for.
  • When you are the last one receiving the food, and you see everyone eating, but not you. 
  • When the restaurant includes the gratuity on the bill.
  • Bad behaviour and hygiene of waiters. 

Resultado de imagen para actitudes que odian de los meseros

And we can add more… 

Resultado de imagen para meseros groseros

You as a waiter; if you don’t like to serve other people, look for another job, you are making bad publicity to the place you are working at. You should love your job to do it well. 



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