Complaints about customers…

People think that being a waiter is easy…but they don’t know what a waiter does.

If you are a waiter, first you had better be patient…very very patient…cause you will deal with a lot of people, different people, some of them will be kind, others will be rude, idiots, slow, impolite, nice…and we can add more adjectives…

There are some behaviours that most of the waiters hate about the customers…but now I will show you a list of behaviours I personally hate about them…

  1. Snap their fingers when they want the order to be taken or when they already want the account…waiter is not an animal… Imagen relacionada
  2. Don’t be careful about their children, if they take them out, as parents, they have to take care of them, even if the restaurant has an area to play; waiters are not babysitters… Imagen relacionada
  3.  Interrupt when the waiter is taking the order, some customers tend to talk while the waiter is writing someone else’s order…this situation distract them or confused them, so as a customer, please, please, please!!! wait your turn! all of you will receive what you want…a waiter is not an octopus that can do a lot of things at the same time… Imagen relacionada
  4. Discuss with a person, I don’t know why, but some customers like to share their problems by discussing very loud with other people… please, leave your problems at home, and enjoy your food, have a moment full of pleasure and avoid making us take you out of the place… Resultado de imagen para discusiones en restaurantes
  5. Stay in the table for hours when they already finish their food. Sometimes as a customer, if you are having a nice moment you want to stay there…but think about the place where you are, there are a lot of people that want to visit the same place to have a great experience too, so be reasonable, also if you don’t let other people sit there, you are affecting the restaurant and its employees, because you don’t let them do their job and earn money… Resultado de imagen para platicas en un restaurante

As a waiter or as a customer, we need to think and be careful about some behaviours we have sometimes…


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