The traditional chef’s uniform…

Six important statements about it…

  1. The traditional chef’s uniform or chef’s whites is represented by a hat (toque blanche), double-breasted jacket and, black and white pants. Imagen relacionada


  • The hat keeps Chef’s hair on its place, to prevent hair falling into the food.
  • Also helps to wipe the sweat.


  • One of the most important parts of the uniform. Your biggest investment.
  • Made of double thick cotton
  • The fabric is designed with safety in mind.

Why you have to use it?

Most of the people think that it is not necessary, that they cook in their kitchen with normal clothes, but…

  • You work with commercial equipment, heavy tools and extra hot surroundings.
  • It’s easy to bump into someone and have hot liquid splattered onto someone.
  • If you wear street or normal clothes while being too close to the burner, you can easily catch your sleeve on fire.

A good quality chef´s coat won’t let that happen!!! 

Modern technology is helping us to make things easy. In this case helps to create fabrics that protect you from burns and stains, but also keep you cool and comfortable, that way, a Chef can do what he/she should and love: cook.

White pants:

Like the jacket…

  • Chef’s pants are designed to provide protection.
  1. These elements keeps you safe from burn and stains.
  2. The folds of the toque represents the 100 ways to cook egg. Resultado de imagen para que representa el gorro del chef Resultado de imagen para 100 formas de preparar un huevo
  3. Chef’s uniform represents remuneration and high reward.
  4. Cleanliness is important (white=clean)
  5. Escoffier (the French master chef) send it to London. Resultado de imagen para escoffier


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